Enter the Temple of the Feral

I think there is a quote in a book that said something like ‘first they will steal the words then they will change their meaning’.  I thought it was Orwell’s 1984 but I cant find a reference to that.

But the point remains that words, or more importantly the meaning of words, can get manipulated.

And this is sinister because spirit lives in words and by changing the meaning the spirit can be lost.  How could we remember the Dodo if that word ceased to exist?

A good example of this is the word ‘anarchist’.  For many that word conjures up images of rioting, violence and lawlessness.  But that word simply means without a ruler or master (Greek – a/an = without, archon = ruler or master).

I think if the connotation matched up to the original meaning, or the spirit of the word, there would be far more anarchists among us.

Another,  the word ‘stoic’ which now has the meaning of emotionless but the essence of the stoic is to have mastered the art of managing their emotions.  Big difference.

And the same goes for ‘feral’.  Not diseased, malnourished, savage beasts.  But those that choose to be FREE.

Those that have cut the chords of materialism and unconscious consumerism.


Those who have detached from the toxic traditions that perpetuate suffering and violence.

Wild and wise.  Harmonic with nature.  Elemental.

Understanding that which is sacred, and that which is not.

Guardians of Balance.

Cleansed from the poisons that hide in distractions, convenience and complacency.

Self actualised.


And sharing the frequency of Gaia. And who will protect her, the divine and their freedom, with great ferocity.


Welcome to the Temple of the Feral.

Using Fasting and Feasting to Maintain Balance

In this video I explain how I use fasting and feasting (or purging) to find, or maintain balance.

Balance is fundamental when it comes to growth.  Balance allows for consistency,  sustainability and harmony.   Crucial ingredients for self actualisation and enlightenment.

When we are balanced we are able to resonate at higher frequencies.  Which opens channels so that we become privy to information previously unavailable to us.

The more effective and efficient we are at maintaining balance the more energy we have to invest in growth.

But….  “Beyond a wholesome discipline be gentle with yourself.” – Desiderata



Spiritual Diet

{Part of the Principle of Self Actualisation and Energy, Frequency and Vibration}

In this video I share my perspective when it comes to spirituality and diet.

I explain that I am of the opinion that consuming a vegan diet is a prerequisite to being spiritual and a being of Love.

But it doesn’t end there.  The frequency of what we consume is paramount.

I mention a hierarchy when it comes to choosing what we consume.

The image below is  what I have come up with.  I am very open to discuss / debate this topic and maybe come up with an improved visual representation.

Grown Made yourself

How to Have Total Control of our Peace and Happiness

{Part of the Principle of Self Actualisation}

If we want to have peace and complete control of all aspects of our lives then I think its wise to think about what we are really able to have control of in the first place.

And we should quickly realise that most things are beyond our control and rightly so.  We cannot control what our partners, friends, children or strangers say or do to us.  And who are we to want to?   We cannot control how much respect our employers give us or how much our customers spend in our businesses.  We cannot control our governments or institutions.  We cannot control the media.  We cannot control the traffic nor the weather.  Even our own reputation is beyond our control.  It seems quite evident that we are unable to adjust the volume of most of the ‘noise’ we are exposed to on a daily basis.

So what do we control.  It turns out, according to Stoicism, we are really in control of  only three things.  Our thoughts, our actions and our virtuosity.  That’s it.  And if we can take this on board and live by this principle, all of a sudden we can start to distinguish the discord that often drapes over us.

Doesn’t it make sense that we should try our hardest not to allow ourselves to be negatively affected by something which we have no control over.  To free ourselves of that burden.  Because if we depend on the good behaviour of others to have a good day, there is no surprise that our weeks are mostly filled with bad ones.

If we allow the low vibes to penetrate our hearts we start letting our shadows get the better of us.  And we start to leak our emotions and energy all over the place.  We can get frustrated, angry or aggressive.  We can become depressed and ineffective.  Fear based.  unsafe. Needs not met.

But instead we can shield ourselves from this fate and focus all our energy on nurturing positive, loved based thoughts and be virtuous in all our actions.  We can be the smile in a room full of long faces.  We accept that things will be what they will be,  not what we think they should be.  While maintaining such confidence in our character that we would welcome the weighing of our heart against  Ma’at’s feather at at any given time.

This is a path to happiness and peace.  It takes work. But that is totally in our control.



Introduction to Feralism

In this video I start to unveil the collection of thoughts,experiences and theories that I have bundled up and called Feralism.

I started my facebook page and You Tube channel as The Vegan Maestro with the intention to motivate people making the transition into veganism.  I wanted to show that being vegan isnt a compromise or sacrifice but in fact we thrive.

And that hasn’t changed but now I feel I want to express myself fully and share the journey I am on.  The path of self-actualisation, freedom and spiritual exploration.  Based in Love not fear.   I am striving to be the best version of myself… my highest self.  To be the change I want to see in the world.  To be at the height of my spirituality, creativity and ethicacy.   To be balanced and exhibit all the archetypes in their fullest.  To be at peace with the world and the world to be at peace with me.

I also want to play some role in what I believe to be the solution.   I long to inspire people to escape from Babylon.  To stop feeding the beast that is enslaving us and killing the planet.  Obtain land and create small self sustainable communities where the tribe grow their own food and live in harmony with Gaia and each other.

So far I have identified 5 principles.

  • Principle of Self Actualisation
  • Principle of Freedom
  • Principle of Community
  • Principle of Energy, Frequency and Vibration
  • Principle of Balance

I will endevour to publish my thoughts in a more structured way using these principles as my guide.

Expect topics such as self actualisation, ethics, vegansim, stocism, epicureanism, Jung, Maslow, spirituality, psychology,  philosophy, sustainable / off-grid  living, permaculture, shamanism, animism, psychedelics, tribes, conscious consuming, nature and of course health & fitness.

I look forward to engaging in conversation and debate with my brothers and sisters, to share perspective so we can all raise our frequency and shine our light on the darkness.






My 4 Main Reasons To Go Vegan



In this video I discuss my 4 main reasons to go vegan.

If you care at all about ethics, your health, the environment or spirituality then this may resonate with you.

vegans live here